Parent's Page


Dear Parents and / or Guardians,

Our goal is to help each of our students become well-rounded individuals. We want to teach them to approach problems with an open mind and to find creative solutions to life's challenges. We want them to know how important it is to come up with original ideas and to bravely pursue new things.

It can be difficult to accept the creativity of the children under our care, especially when they choose to creatively approach chores and assignments. We have to seek out the balance between encouraging creativity and teaching obedience. Sometimes, rules, directions or instructions are meant to be followed to the letter but in situations where there is leniency, try to allow them to do things their own way.

Give the child or children in your care opportunities to develop their creative thinking abilities. This type of development is usually littered with mistakes and false starts, but through those moments, children learn how to try new things, how to read just courses when something isn't working and how to think for themselves.

Creative thinking involves looking at the whole picture. The next time your child comes to you with an idea, ask questions to help them better understand the entire situation. Try to avoid talking them out of doing something their own way; instead, encourage them to think their plan through, and go for it.

Family of the month!

We are very grateful here at Triad Martial Arts Family Training Center to have such loyal and wonderful students like you training with us. It is truly an honor to have been selected by your family to teach you the martial arts.